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All Fenix was founded in 2015 by Melbourne-based couple Georgia and Jason. They wanted to create functional pieces that were versatile enough to be worn beyond any workout. They started producing 10 pieces at a time at a local Melbourne factory and would sell them in a run down office turned pop up shop every weekend. Now, 5 years in, All Fenix is leading the way in the fashionable activewear space and has a curated collection of active, lounge, outerwear and accessories all designed in house. 

The name? All Fenix came from the Phoenix - a mythical bird that represents rebirth and rejuvenation. Synonymous with energy and activity. Spelt differently to make it their own. 

Sustainability. All Fenix are constantly trying to improve their sustainability from packaging, to production methods, to the content of their garments. Many of their activewear pieces now contain recycled polyester, i.e. old clothing that's repurposed into new fiber without the use of petroleum. This method reduces up to 80% of energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. They are also beginning to introduce organic cottons as well as the use of eco-friendly dyes.

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