Devotion TWINS: A Story of Timeless Style and Greek Craftsmanship

Devotion Twins

Devotion TWINS: A Story of Timeless Style and Greek Craftsmanship

Since its inception in 2001, Devotion has epitomised modern collections with a focus on aesthetics inspired by nature, Greek heritage, and architecture. However, in 2013, a new chapter unfolded with the debut of Devotion Twins, a clothing collection named after the designer's twin sons. What began modestly with a few jacquard pieces swiftly burgeoned into a significant presence in the international fashion scene.

Devotion Twins is distinguished by its emphasis on natural fabrics such as cotton and exquisite poplin, adorned with intricate hand-embroidered details and traditional ethnic patterns. Designer Athina skillfully blends these elements with clean lines, resulting in the distinct Devotion Twins silhouette. Each collection is a celebration of eclectic color combinations, captivating patterns, and a homage to Greek craftsmanship, evoking the essence of a luxurious vacation. Produced ethically and sustainably in Europe, Devotion Twins resonates globally, gracing the racks of premier department stores, high-fashion boutiques, and resort outlets worldwide.

Devotion Twins Short Dress

Central to the ethos of Devotion Twins is its commitment to Slow Fashion and the revival of Greek textile production. Embroidery and textile techniques rooted in folkloric heritage are seamlessly integrated with modern technology, yielding beautifully crafted, predominantly handmade garments of the highest quality. Designed and manufactured entirely in Greece, Devotion Twins caters to fashion-conscious women worldwide who share the brand's values of connection, consistency, trust, and mutual respect.

At the helm of Devotion is a Greek family duo, Athina and Dimitris, united in their vision to create sustainably crafted resort and summer attire. Athina's innate flair for feminine, playful designs exudes natural confidence, drawing inspiration from her Greek heritage evident in every stitch and pattern. Devotion Twins captures the essence of unpretentious femininity and straightforward elegance, offering dresses imbued with charm and versatility suitable for any occasion.

The hallmark of Devotion Twins lies in its self-designed jacquards, an emblematic feature interwoven throughout its collections since 2013. These patterns, inspired by Greece, infuse cultural depth into the brand's clean silhouettes, reflecting an effortless yet sophisticated aesthetic. Devotion Twins embraces loose and flowing silhouettes, ensuring comfort without compromising style across its diverse range of dresses.

Devotion Twins Neon Orange Dress

Founded in Greece and cherished globally, Devotion Twins embarked on an international journey in 2018, garnering widespread acclaim across Europe, the USA, and beyond. With over 1,500 points of sale in 40 countries, the brand's inclusive and ageless appeal transcends cultural boundaries, resonating with women worldwide.

Driven by a commitment to sustainability, Devotion Twins operates on a production-on-demand model to minimize waste and conserve resources. With all garments meticulously crafted in Greece, the brand champions regional craftsmanship while upholding stringent labor and social standards.

In essence, Devotion Twins epitomizes timeless style intertwined with Greek craftsmanship, offering a sustainable and ethically conscious approach to fashion that captivates women globally.

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