Celia B and Zandra Rhodes Collaboration

Celia B and Zandra Rhodes Collaboration

The fashion world is buzzing with the new collaboration between Celia B and legendary designer Zandra Rhodes. This vibrant collection, which launched on June 1st, merges Rhodes' iconic prints with Celia B's playful and colourful designs. The synergy between the two designers is evident, with pieces featuring reimagined versions of Rhodes' classic motifs, such as the 1971 Floral Button and the Acid Flower, transformed into summer-ready dresses, crochet garments, and eye-catching evening wear.

Zandra Rhodes Button Flower Motif

'Button Flower' motif on the 'Dinosaur coat' and a jacket, 1971source: http://www.zandrarhodes.ucreative.ac.uk/


Celia B & Zandra Rhodes

Celia B & Zandra Rhodes Lottie Dress

Celia Bernardo, the creative force behind Celia B, expressed her admiration for Rhodes, noting how their shared love for colour and print made the collaboration seamless. Together, they've created a 31-piece collection that offers a mix of statement pieces and versatile summer styles, ensuring there's something for every fashion enthusiast.

Zandra Rhodes is a fashion icon known for her bold, colourful designs and unique patterns. Her career began in the 1960s, and she quickly became a prominent figure in the fashion industry with her distinctive textile designs. Rhodes' patterns, such as the Flower Button mentioned above and Wiggly Lines, are celebrated for their vibrant colours and playful motifs. The Flower Button print, introduced in 1971, features bold floral shapes that have become synonymous with Rhodes' aesthetic. The Wiggly Lines pattern is another signature design, characterized by its undulating lines and dynamic composition. 

Zandra Rhodes Vintage Kaftan

Zandra Rhodes Vintage 1970s kaftan with her iconic wiggly pattern

Source: etsy


Rhodes' work has been worn by numerous celebrities and has been featured in major fashion exhibitions around the world. Her ability to blend art and fashion has made her a beloved figure in the industry, and her collaboration with Celia B is a testament to her enduring influence and creativity.

The collection is a testament to the seamless blending of Rhodes' iconic prints with Bernardo's contemporary silhouettes, offering fashion enthusiasts an array of must-have pieces that are perfect for any summer occasion. From multi-coloured  dresses to bold printed evening wear, the Zandra Rhodes x Celia B collaboration is a celebration of colour, print, and timeless style.

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