Spotlight | Verdelimon

Spotlight | Verdelimon

VerdeLimon is a sophisticated and fun swimwear brand from Colombia, dedicated to empowering women, especially single mothers in indegenous or impoverished communities within Colombia, by providing them with regular work and an equitable pay scale. They are the heart and soul of their operation. VerdeLimon encourages all women to embrace their feminine strength and to celebrate their personal style, this is reflected in the range of their swimwear pieces. 

Not only do Verdelimon pride themselves on empowering women, they work to make fashion more sustainable. For example their swimwear is made with fabrics that are composed of recycled plastics, each swimsuit repurposing between eight and fourteen plastic bottles. They also make pieces to order, which reduces waste within their production, helping the environment little by little.

Drawing their inspiration from the flora, fauna, animals and landscapes from around the World, VerdeLimon creates playful yet sophisticated swimwear for the contemporary women. With varying styles and shapes, from string bikinis and triangle tops to retro high-waisted bottoms and polished one pieces, they exude elegance and confidence and are perfect for every body type. 

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