Our Commitment To Sustainability

Our Commitment To Sustainability - Pasha Living

Pasha Living is a slow fashion retailer. Slow Fashion, the opposite of fast fashion, is a movement to promote buying well. There are a few elements to slow-fashion which overlap with other forms of eco-friendly and conscious consumerism, but all have the same goal, to reduce waste and slow down the massive ecological impact that fashion is having on the planet.  

To us, slow fashion means... 

  • Knowing where and how the garments we stock are made, ensuring that production techniques have the least damaging effect to the environment and that the people that make the garments are treated well and given a fair wage. 
  • Stocking small quantities of classic pieces that last from season to season.
  • Ensuring that our packaging is recyclable or compostable.  
Verdelimon Swimwear
    An employee at Verdelimon Swimwear, who are committed to empowering women in Colombia with regular work and a fair wage. 

    As a consumer, slow fashion is about investing in quality, timeless pieces that will last. Buying from small retailers, for whom it's much easier to trace the source and be transparent. It’s been reported in the news recently that one online fast fashion retailer adds 700-1000 new items of stock onto their website everyday! That is an insane number. But this type of retail is driven by demand, and they will continue to stock 1000 pieces a day, whilst people continue to buy. 

    We understand that buying well comes at a cost, but the initial outlay isn’t always your total cost, it's the lifetime cost of the piece. After buying a quality garment, if after a few years you no longer wear it, it will still be in great condition, allowing you to sell or donate to charity. We'll shortly be launching our own buy back scheme, where you can send a previous purchase you've made from us, for money off a new item. If you're interested in knowing more about this drop us an email at info@pashaliving.com.    

    Buy once, buy well, make it last.