Greek Archaic Kori's Spring Summer 2022 Collection

Greek Archaic Kori's Spring Summer 2022 Collection

And gold rained down from the sky.

According to Greek mythology, to celebrate the birth of the goddess Athena, ‘Zeus’ king of the gods, showered the island of Rhodes in snowflakes of gold - and that Athena herself endowed the people of Rhodes with the gift of skill, that of all men on earth, their hands shall excel in skill and mastery. Although known for being the goddess of war and wisdom, Athena was paradoxically in peacetime the patroness of spinning and weaving, a tradition that is still observed in Greece to this day.

By drawing upon such rich and magical stories Greek heritage and tradition continues to weave its way through the heart of Greek Archaic Kori’s SS22 collection, gorgeous summer dresses and Kaftans made from the finest linens and softest cotton are produced in Athens by skillful hands to create elegant and timeless pieces. 

A wonderful addition to your summer wardrobe, Greek Archaic Kori’s summer 2022 collection is perfect for warm city breaks and sunny destinations alike. Embellished with delicate embroidery, inspired by the rich colour palette from the island of Rhodes, Kori has infused the deep dark blue of the surrounding sea, the warm beige stones found at the temple of Athena with the lush grey and green of its olive groves into every design. Every stitch, fold and pleat is a celebration of Athena and the goddess to be celebrated in every woman.


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