Greek Archaic Kori New Season 2023

Greek Archaic Kori New Season 2023 - Pasha Living

Once again we are in love with Greek Archaic Kori's new collection. The golden embroidered details and relaxed tailoring epitomises summer escapes to warmer climes. 

Kori's 2032 collection is set around Hera, Queen of the gods and goddess of marriage, women, marital harmony, and the protector of women during childbirth

Kori says.... 

“Our inspiration is drawn by the Hera ancient Greek mythology along with the timeless island scenery of this season’s location. Bold colours, such as green, blue and red, representing the exceptional shades of Hera’s peacock myth alongside the everlasting deep blue of the sea, the always shining gold of the sun and its contrasting charcoal representing all elements. The peacock is referred to the cult of Hera (Greek ὥρα hōra, season) wife of Zeus and it is interrelated with the ancient greek myth. Zeus created a beautiful creature for his wife and offered it to keep her companionship and Hera was amazed by its beauty. The creature was exceptionally elegant. It was a bird with feathers of every shade of blue and green imaginable. Its chest was a magical royal blue that shimmered in the light. The most exquisite part of the bird was its tail. This bird is the peacock and, as Greek mythology has it, is Hera’s sacred animal, it symbolises royalty and power." 

We've incorporated new styles and colours into our collection of Greek Archaic Kori in 2023, as well as revisiting some timeless pieces which last season after season.     

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